Aquarius as friend


John Travolta is Aquarius.

Aquarius friendship is of the highest order. It gives what might be called soul satisfaction, and for those who get close to these likable individuals, it is often a source of inspiration. This is not surprising because Aquarius is the Sign that rules friendship, associations and commitments to groups. In other words, Aquarius can make the ideal buddy.

These people are neither jealous nor possessive. In fact, the clinging-vine type of person who looks for some form of exclusiveness in a friendship will be bitterly disappointed here. Aquarians are attached to the ideal of comradeship, its intrinsic freedom and lack of demand, and not so much to the individual. They make more successful friends than lovers or marriage partners, as a rule. Marriage tends to confine and restrict when their whole nature craves variety of intellectual experience through different companions.

None of this means they are supertypes who don’t need warmth and affection. In fact, they are idealists, and their aloneness is often the result of having standards of thought and behavior that don’t conform to those of the crowd. Yet they seem to possess a built-in loadstone that attracts others to them, even if only for a short time.
These people are genuinely interested in human relationships. Although not so intense and possessive as most others, they are tremendously aware of the deeper aspect of friendship. They know it’s not just a convenient way to fill up a few pleasant hours. There’s a dignity to their friendship, which they always manage to preserve and endow with meaningful significance. Both sides retain their individuality in an Aquarius friendship.

The friends of Aquarius are usually intellectually serious types who agree with their somewhat advanced ideas about social reform and making life easier for the masses. Those who advance the course of progress are seldom social butterflies. Their views usually separate them and their closest pals from the ordinary run-of-the-mill people.

In some cases, these people even earn a reputation as radicals and revolutionaries. Occasionally, little bands of Aquarians and their friends strike out and refuse to join the Establishment. They may live a bohemian-type existence to underline their refusal to conform to comfortable, accepted standards, which they regard as outdated and socially inhibiting. They may dress differently. In some cases, their overzealous identification with a cause may lead to serious clashes with authority.

But generally, Aquarians are reasonable individuals who are extremely just and generous to their friends. They have a fine sense of give and take. And their inventiveness and brilliant intellects often elevate the minds of their companions and bring out the best in those people.
The true Aquarius—because of his or her intelligence—is very selective in the choice of intimates but is never a snob.