How is Aquarius

The rebelliousness of Aquarians can be found in the myth of Prometheus. This sign follows the more-traditional Capricorn, but these Water Bearers are almost completely opposite in nature: they hate authority, are bursting with new ideas, and are always looking to shatter thoughts and beliefs that they feel no longer serve anyone.
Inherent in them is this dance of doing the unheard of and then justifying their actions as being for the good of all.
Noted for their cool detachment and almost unfailing ability to ignore feelings, those of this sign can be notoriously self-absorbed, immersed in a complete identification with the mind. They live in their ideals of how things are—at least how they demand that they are. If something doesn’t fit their image, it just doesn’t exist.
People bore Aquarius, but groups fascinate them; rules are ridiculous to them, but breaking them is divine; emotions are a waste of time, yet they can react wildly if forced to deal with them … these are the kinds of paradoxes brought to the most mental sign of the Zodiac.
Their gift is in their genius, and their minds have been refined to work wonders. Meanwhile, their sympathy is usually with the underdog, the masses, the hungry, the homeless, and the sick. (Please note that phrases like the homeless or the sick are labels for groups or categories, not references to individuals.)
Although emotions scare them, Aquarius do understand the importance of a promise.
If they swear to be faithful, you can usually count on them to keep their word because of what such a declaration means in its conceptual form.
Remember, Aquarius are all about ideals. If you can always identify with what your Water Bearer is saying below the surface, you’ll never lose who you fell in love with. Beyond the mental wall is a person with a true vision of good for the world and a model for the perfect relationship.
A partnership is ultimately what Aquarius want, but their powerful minds can easily find another cause they must take care of right now.
You can expect a strong companion in your Aquarius partner, meaning that you’ll have a good friend who will likely remain in your life till the end.
But be on the alert for their more dictatorial shadow; when this emerges, they may become the very thing they’re fighting against. Water Bearers like alternatives and are more than happy to settle into your life knowing that you like them as well. Let them always tell you their point of view; this will help you navigate the relationship more successfully.