How is Aries?

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Andy Garcia is Aries

Aries are born with the strength and mind-set of a warrior. They’re the kind of warrior of long ago: fighters who took pride in their power and willingness to defend those they loved.
What Aries echo from their mythos (legend) is a sense of inadequacy—a belief they inherited from a disapproving paternal figure (like Jason’s uncle in the myth).
As a result, these underappreciated warriors tend to create an external father to challenge them. This could be a parent, a teacher, or others in authority who may or may not consciously realize that they’re provoking the Aries, but nevertheless incite the Rams’ need to prove themselves.

Aries assume that if they can demonstrate their worth to an external authority, then they can relax and enjoy the bounty symbolized by the Golden Fleece.
It’s a form of I’ll be happy when … The only problem is that when never comes. Happiness is ultimately the acceptance of what is, of what they have right now.
Aries bring the baggage of having to prove themselves into their relationships. It’s not as if they’re so weak and unsure that they need to impress you with their power; rather, they just have to know that they’re perceived as strong and fit—and they’ll need more than your words to internalize those feelings.

Aries must prove their worth on a daily basis, and as it is for any warrior, that’s determined by battles won and lives saved. If they can’t get their daily quota of challenges from the outside world, they’ll begin to create them with you or whoever is closest.

It could start by finding fault with you for something you didn’t do, and depending on how you respond, it may escalate into a tirade about their complete disappointment in something else. Whatever form the confrontation takes, it’s designed to goad you into battle.

Naturally, Aries want their partners to be strong and daring—strong enough to stand up to them and daring enough to stop them when they’re charging full speed ahead. But there’s a side to Aries in love that needs to measure up. In a relationship, you won’t be able to stop the voice inside of them that constantly asks, Am I worthy?
Realize that an Aries partner is always in motion—internally and externally.
Some signs might find this constant movement exciting, and others will deem it exhausting. Either way, Aries won’t care because they’re learning to be what they authentically are, without asking you to alter yourself. Sometimes people born under this sign appear harsh and nagging, and at other times open and accepting, but they never give you much credit for the things you do. They assume that you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing—just as they are.