How the sun “affects” you personally

natal sun
As the sun goes around the zodiac every year, it acts like a spotlight, focusing on each of your personal important points. The sun indicates your conscious awareness and your will. As it contacts a personal important point, you will often find you are paying particular attention to an area of your life represented by this point and the parts of your horoscope to which it is related.

Often some outside event will bring this area of your life to your attention in a specific way. Or, you may simply feel particularly interested in paying attention to it at the time of the transit. In any case, a sun transit marks a time when you are better able to focus and concentrate your energies on the area of your life that is spotlighted.

Each sun transit takes place around the same day every year, since the calendar was constructed to follow the sun’s regular journey around the zodiac. Therefore you can expect to receive the effects of each particular sun transit at approximately the same date every year. This will not be true of any other transiting planet, since each travels at a different speed.
Sun transits are in orb (that is, have an effect) for about 3 to 5 days. This includes the day they are exact, the day before, and the day after. Let us first consider sun transits to your natal sun.
Transiting Sun conjunct natal Sun
Transiting Sun first square to natal Sun
Transiting Sun first trine to natal Sun
Transiting Sun opposition to natal Sun
Transiting Sun last trine to natal Sun
Transiting Sun last square to natal Sun