Mercury in Aries


Yours is a mind that has to be active, and wants thoughts and words to become deeds rather than be left merely in the realm of ideas.

So firstly, it is important for you to receive not only mental stimulation but also challenges, and secondly, it will probably be necessary to remain mindful of the fact that it takes time for an idea or an aim to be realized.

You have a terrier-like mentality that gets hold of a thought, word, idea or piece of information, and wants to push it forward as if it is the most important thing in the world.

Positively, this signifies an ability to learn, communicate or teach quickly and effectively; it also confers on you a flair for selling.

However, negatively, you can have a one-sided point of view and a tendency to make decisions and form opinions before all the facts available have been considered. For this reason, it should be no surprise that there can be a lack of follow-through with certain projects.

Your brisk and headstrong mentality is just as disinclined to dwell on old grievances as on outworn interests. This gives an impression of broad-mindedness, when it is actually more a case of not having the time or room for stuffy thoughts or feelings.

Without enough mental input or assertion of your intellectual outlook, there is a danger of nervous or physical restlessness that can develop into more serious mental or emotional conditions, with circumstances to match.

You should never be afraid to argue a point, but you should also be aware that although arguing for its own sake will release tensions of the moment, it might simultaneously provoke in others antagonism that creates further tension.

Your bellicose brain runs according to the formula that there is no stimulation without some aggravation, which is fine as long as you learn that the secret is to be good-hearted and to respect your opponent for being your opponent.

Needless to say, you often speak before thinking, which leads to your making faux pas at times, and coming refreshingly right to the point at others.

At some stage it is more than likely that you will have to make the running, in the sense of taking the initiative workwise, setting a precedent, going out on a limb, or rattling a few cages in your neighbourhood.

This is unavoidable in order for you to make some progress – or merely to get out from under.

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