Mercury in Cancer


It is said that the eyes are actually an extension of the brain, but with Mercury in Cancer it is rather as if you have a set of feelers, like a moth …or a crab…that pick up the thoughts and feelings around you in a super-sensitive fashion.

Because of this you need to take great care how you receive such information, and not to take everything personally; you also need to remind yourself to look at the facts rather than the opinions of the people concerned.

These precautions would also help guard against being conditioned by having taken on board the erroneous ideas of others, which, left unchecked, can give rise to problems whose roots are hard to detect at a later date. In fact you are quite adept at sensing whether someone is genuine or not by the sound of their voice.

Positively speaking, such a sympathetic mind as yours can make you an effective speaker, as you can tune in to the listener’s emotional and mental state. The way you speak and what you say have a “stroking” quality that is persuasive and therapeutic.

All of this mental sensitivity, your feelers, is due to your conscious mind being very close to the unconscious.

You draw upon your awareness of what makes anything or anyone feel looked after and are able to express it – or deny it.

It is, therefore, very important that such a talent is guided by a strong set of ethics, and is used with a constructive purpose in mind.

Without this kind of deliberate intention to employ your feelers in some positive way, you are merely suggestible and prey to being or to feeling manipulated – consequently you yourself feel tempted to manipulate.

The vicious circle of suspicion that this hatches is the polar opposite of the reassuring atmosphere that you are capable of creating, be it in a home environment, with your sheer physical presence, or whatever.

Put another way, if you are aware of your own source of light and warmth, you are less likely to be drawn, like a moth, into someone else’s flame.

Not surprisingly, you have a good memory – that serves and disserves. Conversations can be remembered almost word for word, and you can yank to the surface long forgotten information in times of need.

As long as you learn to let go of painful feelings and not to nurse them like a sore tooth, your memory will serve you well.

Fundamentally, you are concerned with creating good memories, which is a thought worth remembering in itself!

Whereas bad memories create bad feelings which in turn lead to narrow and defensive thinking, collecting good memories through the caring use of your sensitive mind gives rise to good feelings, and to clear, positive thinking.

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