Mercury in Gemini


Your mind is fed and furthered through making contact with as many people and as many subjects as possible.

Your intellect is all wired up and raring to go; it more or less constantly needs to be occupied, otherwise nervous irritability or feeling restlessly at a loose end can result.

Your brain, hands and nervous system can be likened to a highly sophisticated piece of electrical equipment.

If there is not enough “output” the whole thing gets too hot and a circuit blows.

Your mind is efficient in that it is quick and acquisitive, but the quality of it is only as good as what is being fed into it via social, business and educational pursuits.

Mercury in Gemini can be an eloquent speaker or a gossip, clever or facile, fluent or flippant.

What you read and who you mix with have everything to do with this, so input is just as important as output.

Because you are quick-witted and articulate – no matter what anyone says – and because you possess a natural sense of curiosity, you should have no trouble in finding suitable friends and employment – once you put your mind to it!

You are capable of thinking on two or more levels at once, which can make you a whiz at work or at play.

However, if there is not some serious direction or intention given to such mental acrobatics, there is a danger of your mind becoming confused in a sort of mental traffic jam.

You require an absorbing and ongoing interest that has some emotional content that will keep your agile mind from revolving on its own spot and prevent your suffering from scattered energies, divided attention, or a lack of continuity of purpose.

You usually have a friendly attitude, for you are naturally interested in all walks of life. Such a light and unbiased touch is welcome in almost every place, and you would be wise to capitalize on this.

This typically Mercurial talent for being able to talk about anything at any time anywhere stands you in good stead for activities that require this contact-making ability, such as journalism, publicity, buying and selling, transport, courier work etc.

You are also proficient in the use of all basic mental functions, like communications and mathematics, and are naturally logical and dextrous – only some serious pathological affliction would contradict this.

Above all is that need to have a motivation or goal that organizes your undeniable dexterity and mental versatility.

Then, rather than learning parrot-fashion and acquiring knowledge merely for its own sake, your mind becomes your servant and not a tyrannical master or rogue who blinds you to the fact that it is not so much a product or an end in itself, but rather a shining multi-purpose tool which you hold, so to speak, in your hands, to use as you see fit.

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