Mercury in Leo


With Mercury in Leo you are, or should be, proud of your intellectual talents and capabilities.

Because your mind is, so to speak, close to your heart, you show great passion and strength, as well as originality, in the manner n which you think and communicate.

But Leo, like all the Fire Signs, is actually quite often as insecure as it appears to be the opposite, that is, confident.

This can lead to either your coming on too strong when expressing your ideas and opinions, or, conversely, your underestimating the power of your mind, and not making it clear either to yourself or to others what is going on in your head.

In the first case you would be inclined to ignore any negative feedback, and in the latter, you would be paralysingly oversensitive to criticism.

Mercury, which symbolizes the logical ability to see things merely as they are, functions best when it is cool and detached from the ego, whose bias is towards getting what it thinks it wants.

But this is difficult in self-conscious Leo, where your personal aims and intentions seem to be all-important, and other factors of far less importance.

The danger here is that such egocentricity wants to bat and bowl at the same time, and so you cannot win because you are also busily but unconsciously trying to defeat yourself. The answer lies in finding a balance between the two extremes described above.

Firstly, you can use your pronounced talent for mental concentration to focus upon the enthusiasm and vitality that is roaring away inside you, and which can so easily radiate warmth and wit in much of what you say and do.

And secondly, like a wise king or queen – for you have a regal mind – you can take heed of the advice or comments given by trusted friends and associates.

If they won’t speak their minds to your face for fear of having their heads bitten off – or simply being ignored – they could well turn into your enemies, creep up behind you, and pinch your ideas!

You would then have good reason to feel unappreciated. People soon give up trying to help someone who always thinks he/she knows better.

On the other hand, combining your obviously creative and enterprising mind with an awareness of the ideas and attitudes of the other people involved in your drama will benefit everyone – and not least of all your own projects.

After all, you tackle problems imaginatively and energetically. You are also able to teach effectively because you encourage interest in a subject through your creative and dramatic treatment of it.

The way you speak has authority built into it, and so others will automatically take you seriously.

You have so many good ideas that giving them away and allowing them to be mixed with and slightly altered by the input of others will strengthen and enrich them.

Rather than being a frustrated one-person show, your mind will thus become the vital spark that ignites a greater group endeavour.

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