Mercury in Taurus


Yours is a mind that likes to chew things over, and so you acquire depth of knowledge as a result of thoroughly enjoying the process of learning -rather as you would a good meal.

A taste for the traditional rather than the newfangled is also in evidence. Once you have learnt and assimilated something, you will probably never forget it.

However, should an idea come along that challenges an already existing concept, you are very reluctant to accept it. You are slow to form opinions, and equally slow to change them.

You are materially-minded, which means that you are a practical thinker and are not too happy with total abstractions.

If it is really necessary mentally to digest complex theories, they are more easily understood when expressed or taught in a visual or a practical way.

In money matters you are either efficient, sometimes to the point of being a bit miserly, or lazy, at the price of someone else holding the purse-strings.

This depends on the particular set of values that you are used to, and at some time or other these may be the very values that have to be changed.

As your mind works at a natural pace, you develop steady working habits, and are therefore thorough and produce solid results.

Tasks are performed evenly from start to finish. From a more philosophical or spiritual point of view, your intellectual role in life is to keep matters of the mind running on an even keel, and to prevent the waste of resources through unwise investments and impractical ideas.

For this reason, you can also make a good manager Dependable and reassuring as your conservative way of thinking is, if it is carried to extremes in resisting change, others might have to resort to more emotional methods of making their point.

If you, in turn, regard this as unreasonable or even underhand, you are really asking to get buried in the very rut in which you insist on staying.

With Mercury in Taurus it is supremely sensible to guard against your firm grip on concrete reality’s setting into mental obstinacy.

Above all you have the gift of being able to see how any plan will work out – if at all – in physical terms.

And so you have a natural bent towards arts and crafts, and also towards construction skills such as carpentry and building. Quite simply, yours is the kind of mind that gives value for money – or for any other kind of energy.

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