The Moon in Aquarius


Security is gained through liberation, which means that idealistically you aspire to be free of negative emotions such as greed, fear, anger, jealousy etc. But you should be careful not simply to pretend that you are so, for this can lead to others’ expecting you to be impossibly tolerant of their negative emotions. As Aquarius is the Sign of Humanity, with the Moon placed in it you should remember fo be merely human, and not more than human.

Being unaware of your feelings and natural instincts can mean that you will attract quite drastic upheavals and confrontations, as your unconscious mind makes a bid to get you in touch with who you truly are, as opposed to who you like to think you are.

Emotional experiences of your mother and your childhood have often been disruptive, alienating or out of the ordinary. Although these also helped to get you in touch with your individual feelings, they also probably initially distanced you from so-called normal social interplay.

Thus you began to become an observer of rather than a participant in life, which gave you an awareness of human nature. Now, as the natural psychologist or counsellor, you are sought after, professionally or personally, for your fitting and impartial advice.

Another type of emotional response peculiar to Moon in Aquarius is usually experienced in adolescence, but leaves its mark for years to come. This is the inclination to think of yourself as more emotional than you in fact are, with the result that you become romantically attracted to others who are indifferent or unavailable in some way.

This pattern persists until you realize that you are trying too hard, and that it is your own air of unavailability that is so attractive. However, this can be carried to the extreme where you are emotionally unreachable, and thus remain attracted to the unattainable or far-distant.

An important need of yours is to have a lover as a friend. It is vital for you to be able to share and to discuss views and feelings on an intellectual level. Until this kind of relationship is attained, you tend to be happier in a group situation, rather than an intimate one. In this way you are able to disguise or to forget your emotional fears, as things can be kept light and breezy. For this reason, a group situation is best for getting you in touch with your feelings. You can then get back into the one-to-one scene with a renewed sense that it is all right to be an emotional being.

Your need for freedom of expression is ever-present, and will consistently jolt others, as well as yourself, out of any complacency that has built up through mere illusions of freedom. This can produce much mood-swinging and unpredictability, but with an Aquarian Moon you know that in order to be moved to liberation, one first has to be stirred, if not shaken.

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