The Moon in Aries


You experience life as something that never stands still, which in the strictest sense it is. However, if you are feeling insecure about any part of your life, then this can prod you into attempting to resolve things more quickly than is is naturally possible.

So you are predisposed to racing around as if there is some ghastly time limit set upon you. And since Aries Moon makes for a strong personality, you can either precipitate predicaments where hurrying seems unavoidable, or use such forcefulness quickly to begin to slow down, decide what you are after, and then establish your own more comfortable pace.

However, what actually motivates you into doing anything in the first place is a sense of insecurity, which was very likely inherited from your mother. To feel peaceful can therefore be rather meaningless, even boring, to you. So you also have difficulty in being calm, and can wear yourself out before you know it. All the same, you have the marvellous ability to recover quickly from traumas, be they physical, mental or emotional.

You have a large helping of that human capacity to recharge yourself in times of need, when alone in the wilderness. You could be regarded as the warrior or scout type of personality. Equally, your resilience is marked by being subject to emotional surges rather than lingering moods.

You experience life as a thing of the moment, and should train and trust yourself to respond to the needs of that moment. Travel light. You have a temper that can frighten and amaze, but this too flares up and dies down suddenly, and this is born of frustration – again from/with your mother – rather than maliciousness.

The “battle stations” mode is one that seems to prevail, and you actually thrive on conflict, even though other dimensions of your personality may suffer because of it, and refuse to accept it. You feel that there are only two alternatives – either breaking through or breaking down.

This has a decidedly see-saw effect on your intimate involvements in particular, and on all relationships in general. Even so, everyone depends upon you to provide excitement and unpredictability. However, somewhere along the line you need to cultivate a steadier emotional rhythm, and remember that you are not under continual threat of hostile forces.

Even though you like to regard life as a battle, bear in mind that “like” should be the operative word.

Above all, you are after something that will last, which is quite a quest in itself, maybe the quest. As you view your probably rapid social or romantic turnover so far, you may leap to the conclusion that sustaining anything is just not part of your game-plan.

But look again and you will see that what persists is persistence itself and, most of all, your childlike sense which inspires both you and others with the primary assumption that life is a thrilling and unique experience.

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