The Moon in Cancer


Security is gained through classic security-producing traditions such as home and family – and the activities that are associated with them: cooking, gardening, domestic skills and supplies etc., so there is a homely, familiar feel about you that others are drawn towards.

You should not underestimate or lose sight of such an attractiveness, for Cancer Moon’s greatest weakness is being so subjective that you fail to notice your hearth-like warmth and focus – and then so do others.

As you exude this aura of strength and dependability, which is the hallmark of the Moon being Dignified in the Sign of the Crab, guard against its preventing you from showing your own hurts and doubts. Apart from causing such feelings to fester, this would actually inhibit rather than create the secure relationships that are so important to you. Partners and family can become habituated all too easily to your doing all the caring.

This is more likely to be the case if you are female, whereas males are often inclined to doing the leaning. With both males and females, the ties to your mother are strong – for better or for worse. You may need to put some space between you and her.

Your feeling nature is well-developed, which can mean, on the one hand, a great ability to tune into the moods of others, and, on the other, being rather wrapped up in your own emotions. With a natural ability to nurture and protect, you make a good parent or a supportive friend. However, you have to watch overdoing this, for it can lead to being smothering or patronizing, which in turn can lead to others growing too dependent or feeling resentful. Your natural nurturing ability also extends to animal and plant life.

You have a sentimental nature, and a good memory – of both favours granted and wounds inflicted. Learning to forgive and forget is necessary in order to forestall spells of brooding, which can devolve into rank depression. In any event, you are prone to much emotional fluctuation, but this blesses you with a great ability to adapt to changing situations, and others depend on this.

Recognizing and going with the ebb and flow pattern of your life is absolutely central to governing your emotions rather than allowing them to govern you. You can be melancholy, touchy and bemoaning your fate in the morning, and then a tower of strength in the afternoon.

You also need to withdraw periodically to recharge your batteries in order to avoid exhausting your own – and others – emotions. In some respects you tend to have a limited scope or viewpoint, but your rich emotional expression, which warms and reassures all within your sphere of influence, more than compensates.

However, it would still be well to cultivate open-mindedness and a measure of detachment without any trace of rancour. Such nurturing as this truly creates a feeling of belonging in this world.

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