The Moon in Capricorn


Security is built upon a base of being useful to society and seeking justification in its eyes – for better or for worse. Such a need can incline you to undervalue what you want from and for yourself.

This in turn can lead to feeling unloved, unwanted or inferior in some way. This is why the Moon is said to be in its Detriment in Capricorn, for seeking external approval to allay inner doubts proves detrimental to your personality as a whole.

Whether it shows or not, you have a great need to be needed. So others come to rely on you to keep things together materially in some way. This can make you indispensable, but if having this need met means losing sight of your inner worth, you can wind up feeling a bit of a slave. In other words, by not trusting the importance of your own inner values and subscribing to those that outside pressures seem to dictate, you are in danger of feeling let down, by both yourself and the state of affairs around you.

However, it is important to recognize how and why this distrust of your inner self occurred in the first place, and subsequently created a distrust of others. The Moon symbolizes the Child -both literally and in the sense of the Child within.

Capricorn is the Sign that governs the big, bad world out there – concrete or man-made reality. So the Moon is not happy in Capricorn, for the Child is thrust harshly into the material world. This can mean that you literally had a hard or deprived childhood.

Burdens were piled upon your small shoulders; austere and oppressive surroundings were your lot. There may have been something lacking in your father, or a lack of him altogether, and this could have cast a shadow over your mother that was passed on to you in some way. Whatever your childhood circumstances, you learnt, through their material or emotional difficulties, to become a survivor.

The most likely expression of this “survivorship” is being able to function well in the material world, as a way of compensating for that inner emotional blight. Such a shrewd and businesslike streak can take you far up the socio-economic ladder. But at some stage the outer trappings that you have built up around you can no longer seal you off from that feeling that something is missing, and it is this very feeling that makes you reluctant to be the outright materialist go-getter that you have or could become.

As this new type of survivor you can turn into quite a special sort of human being, because you manage to combine your childlike charm with strong instincts of how the material world works. And just how it works, you discover, is built upon that real “real world” within you. Ultimately, and usually after the age of thirty, you stand to become an influence over others, because you are an example of the no-nonsense human being who has survived against the odds.

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