The Moon in Gemini


Security is found through communicating your feelings not only to others but also to yourself. You have a knack of keeping difficult emotions on mental hooks, and thereby create an illusion of emotional lightness. This is just fine until you run out of hooks; you then have to start clearing the closet of all those unlooked-at doubts and fears – or hang-ups.

The bane and the boon of Gemini Moon are the constant flow of emotion through your mind. In a positive sense this means that your feelings can be readily and cleverly expressed through the written or spoken word.

On the other hand, without a serious sense of purpose, what you are thinking or saying will be experienced like a television that is continually having its channels changed. However, you certainly have the gift of the gab. No one can compete with you when it comes to spontaneously holding forth. Your ability to verbalize a stream of consciousness is remarkable, and should prove itself in such fields as literature, journalism, counselling or public speaking.

You also have a talent for putting your finger on it when it comes to assessing the emotional state of a person or an occasion. However, accurate as such appraisals are, take care not to overlook deeper and more powerful emotional drives that are present. Similarly, a lack of commitment from another suggests that there is an area of your own feelings that is being skimmed over.

Others (without Gemini Moon) do not find it so easy to take things at face value. Until you begin to discover and reveal deeper layers of your own personality, a partner is going to be equally evasive or hard to find.

Geminian duality is very marked here. For example, on the one hand you have a flair for making light of heavy emotions that can be quite relieving, but on the other, such a sticking-plaster approach can deceive both you yourself and others into thinking that everything is fine when really it is not. Also, your natural ability to intellectualize emotions may enable you to keep a cool head – but a cold heart, too, if you are not too careful. Others find a cool head good to have around, but with a cold heart there won’t be anyone around!

Underlying your breezy emotional nature is a deep need to keep everyone informed of the fact that life is but a passing show, and that the world of opposites always prevails, in that there can be found joy in sadness, amusement in boredom, absurdity in profundity – and, of course, vice versa.

What is important is the interplay between the main poles of thinking and feeling. This can often be just a case of your not knowing when to stop talking as you juggle and shunt your notions and emotions back and forth. But when you are aware that you are doing this, sparks of genius begin to fly.

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