The Moon in Leo


Security is sought through creating a definite impression and gaining some kind of acclaim. Often, however, when you eventually get caught in the spotlight you can feel uncomfortably self-conscious. Why should this be so?

It is important that you feel good about this need for recognition for you have it in you to draw the limelight, and to hold it naturally and gracefully. Conversely, seeking attention and not really knowing what for can lead to all sorts of complications. Your liking for money and status :s also strong – as is your abilrty to attain them. But again, if you are the “closet” type of Moon in Leo, you may play down these matters, almost to the point of perversity.

If you suffer from any of the negative cases above, then look for the possibility of not wishing to repeat overt or negative expressions of ego as practised in the past – by your mother or by yourself. For example, as a child, insistent demands for attention may have been either always indulged or unavoidably ignored. Behind everything lies a fear of criticism and, consequently, an inability to take it.

As the Moon is indicative of unconscious behaviour patterns, and since both negative and positive patterns are dramatized so grandly in Leo, it is necessary for feedback to be received, acknowledged and acted upon. Otherwise, such precious and self-justifying egocentricity can lead to others’ expressing their discomfort at it in a far more dramatically upsetting fashion than merely telling you what they think of you.

With such fiery and lively emotions you have a natural sense of drama and creativity. You are also a wow with children – being childlike yourself. You can overreact to relatively insignificant situations, but you can also make a dull situation into an exciting one. With this childlike sense of fun and games, you can find the absurd and ridiculous in everything – except yourself, perhaps.

It is difficult for you to create a sense of detachment; everything is taken as personal praise or insult. So when it is essential to let go of something or of someone, it is best achieved in a spirit of grace rather than favour. In this way your all-important dignity may be kept intact, and your feathers remain unruffled.

On one level you are not quite sure if you have any right to have an ego at all. But on another you can be highly perturbed and upset by the thought of being taken in vain. One way of expressing this is by your appearing to be easygoing and flexible, when really you are not.

On the other hand, too rarely do you show your sincerity, emotional warmth and generosity. No doubt someone or something made you feel small and insignificant in the past – or else you gained a false sense of pride. In any event, you’d best come out to play and meet both the embarrassment and the glory that go with having a human ego.

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