The Moon in Libra


Security is sought through feeling socially involved – having a partner; having a definite social position. Your refined instincts are readily able to achieve this, but you can run the risk of finding yourself attempting to be all things to all people.

Your undeniable social graces, like metaphorical clothing, need to be worn lightly in order to prevent this predisposition to please becoming unpleasantly restricting for you. Such a need to please – which can be very enjoyable to others – may merely have its roots in your having felt that you had to please your mother, father or whoever brought you up. However, sooner or later, what pleases you has to emerge and take priority – and that might not please anyone else at all!

Until then, all this makes you very difficult to dislike, which is both your boon and your bane, because although popularity has its obvious advantages, people can find it hard to confront you with what they don’t like about you. You are then made to feel socially excluded or emotionally rejected for no apparent reason.

When you realize that a Libra Moon attracts the kind of people and social situations that eventually force your individually held principles into conscious awareness, the instinctive sense of beauty and harmony that you most surely have will become a creative and dynamic expression of you, rather than a passive and insecure reflection of others that makes it hard for you to accept the consequences of your actions.

The need for balance and harmony is essential to your Moon position. This need can manifest itself negatively, in the form of abortive relationships and fickleness – in either yourself or your partner – that have resulted from your attempting to keep things nice rather than getting down to the nitty gritty.

This reluctance to look at and to express your darker and more powerful urges and feelings again probably stems from your sensing that your mother or father would not have liked it; or there could have been an incident in your childhood in which this darker side to your nature was thrust upon you in the form of a traumatic experience.

The simplest, clearest, most rewarding and most relieving thing that you can do is to share both your good and your bad feelings with your partner. If this cannot be done, then seek counsel or therapy in order to disperse your fear of just being yourself as you are, as opposed to what you feel others expect you to be. Learning to trust your natural talent for making things appealing is all-important.

This can take the form of a flair for cooking, decor, fashion, entertaining, or be expressed as the basic ability to make others feel they are a part of something. Perversely, not trusting this social sense can make you rather anti-social. Your soothing presence, which may even have the voice or musical ability to go with it, should be recognized as a powerful tool with which you can influence the social and emotional climate around you.

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