The Moon in Pisces


Of all the Moon-Sign positions, the Moon in Pisces has the acutest emotional sensitivity – and, consequently, the most complex responses to life situations. You find a million and one ways to enhance or to evade whatever might present itself to your super-receptive nature.

Most positively, you have the qualities of the healer, poet or mystic. Most negatively, you are inclined to experience the refined senses that make this possible as a distaste for mundane existence and thus you seek to escape it. The notion of “what you could be” is endlessly used as a means of keeping you in a fascinated state of being neither special nor ordinary. Owing to childhood feelings of being a fish out of water, you wind up at sea.

But when you truly embark upon a creative or spiritual quest, your fertile imagination is capable of transporting you (and others) to rare heights, and depths, of human experience. Fantasizing about such things as high hopes or morbid fears involves the illusion of not getting hurt.

However, this is, in fact, a delusion, for you still feel pain even – or most of all – in your imagination. So eventually you pursue, or through some real crisis are forced to pursue, the lofty role that you originally envisaged falling into your lap. In effect, with a Piscean Moon you need a vision of a better life for one and all that not only will act as a focus for all your compassion, imagination and sensitivity, but also is practically attainable. Otherwise your fantasy overdrive will continue to get you nowhere.

You are malleable, seductive and seductable, and looking for a dreamboat to take you away on the morning tide. Your imagination is, in fact, so vivid that this dreamboat actually appears to arrive.

However, after a few months or years at sea, the dream evaporates and by contrast you seem to be living off hard-tack biscuits and brackish water – that is, your partner seems boring and emotionally tainted. In fact, of course, neither extreme was real the ordinary, but sad and beautiful human being is what is real – which, naturally, includes yourself.

Not surprisingly you can have an addictive personality, be it to drink, drugs, cream cakes, seafood, men with beards or girls in turquoise rubber. An addiction is essentially a distraction; you are pulled towards something that your Soul desires, but because this poses a real sacrifice, you opt for the phoney sacrifice of throwing yourself away on something self-destructive, dissipating, fetishistic or insidiously inconsequential.

However, sooner or later, you will have to go for the Soul’s desire – no other drug will do. Poetically enough, that desire will eventually entail the relief or guidance of those mortals who, similarly, have lost sight of their Soul’s desire. So rather than looking for a dreamboat, you become a lifeboat.

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