The Moon in Sagittarius


The Moon in Sagittarius is the Lunar position of the Soul that has sought for a long time. You are the natural philosopher – the habitual seeker. However, it is actually through habit that you may have forgotten that seeking is your greatest need, that you must find a system of belief, or a mission, that will guide and give meaning to your life. In the process of seeking you may well have to learn to make the distinction between your own beliefs and those that you were taught or that were bred into you as a child.

Because you naturally prefer your spiritual or religious beliefs to be kept fluid and free, any dogmatic indoctrination in the past can be reacted against later, when you may completely reject any kind of spiritual or ethical code – or can result in your becoming even more dogmatic. But, for your security’s sake, some kind of faith or philosophy is required. Insisting on being without any – a dogma in itself – is tantamount to cutting off your nose to spite your face.

You are also a gambler, looking for the big chance, the unique, the ideal, which ultimately could only be yourself. Without risk-taking, nothing is discovered or gained – a phrase that could be your personal motto. On the other hand, you can get into the habit of taking risks for the hell of it, as a kind of compensation for not taking more calculated risks in aid of furthering your quest – or, initially, of just disc6vering the nature of the quest itself.

You are basically a positive person, and you maintain that positivity most easily in a changing environment; no matter what darkness falls across your path, you will magically find a new direction to take, and will come up smelling of roses. As you believe in Providence, so she looks after you. Equally refreshing is your natural inclination to be spontaneous and outspoken – you clear the air, and the way, whenever confusion or despondency reigns. However, cheerful and optimistic as you are in company, unless you discover where such feelings are coming from, you can sometimes feel hollow and empty when on your own.

At root, you have an almost mystical sense of life’s story – that it is all going somewhere, and coming from somewhere. It is this innate and primitive faith that allows you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, when others are stumbling and crestfallen. This sense also gives you the desire to embrace more and more of life’s meanings and experiences.

To inhibit such a natural urge can give rise to blind indulgences and listlessness. So at all costs, if your feet feel itchy, hitch your caravan to the brightest star, your most inspiring thought-feeling, and embark upon another chapter in your life’s history.

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