The Moon in Scorpio


Security is found in strong, deep feelings, which necessarily poses the acknowledgement of your equally deep need for a profound and gut-wrenching relationship. This is because the Moon is said to be in its Fall in Scorpio, which means that some kind of emotional death has to be experienced before you can begin to feel able to manage the intimate bond that is so important to you.

Light-hearted affairs are, therefore, doomed to failure because they fail to purge you in this way, However, paradoxically, a failure to purge can be experienced as a purging in itself!

As your emotional experiences strike right to your heart and soul with great intensity, understandably you make great attempts to control your emotional environment. Such control is made possible by an intuition that is as profound as your feelings. Unfortunately, this need for control can lead to your using underhand means, such as hitting another person where it hurts before they hit you. The fact that they probably have no intention of striking you at all is a point worth considering.

Behind this lie experiences from childhood that made you feel at the mercy of traditions and attitudes that had no conception of your emotional sensitivity and of the nature of your desires. Consequently, you felt betrayed and abandoned, and may still continue to guard against such threats. You should grasp the fact that your emotional intensity and insight can put anyone where you want them. You need to let go of that fear of betrayal, because holding on to it will simply attract it-such is your power. Abandon your fears or be abandoned because of them.

You see yourself as a survivor. While it is true that you have great emotional stamina, be careful that it does not merely take the form of resisting involvement of an intimate kind. Being proud of your inscrutability is rather like being Houdini on a bad night – the audience can’t see in, and you can’t get out.

Not surprisingly you have an unerring ability to detect the emotional state of others, even when it is well hidden. Although this talent can sometimes be misused to drag them down into the hole that you are in yourself, at your best you cannot fail to see what has to be done in order to rectify or to quicken a given situation – even if it might result in your losing something or someone.

Until you reach such a level of emotional awareness and expression, you are in danger of being driven by a self-destructive pressure to hedge your bets or to sublimate such strong emotions through overwork, alcohol, drugs or simply talking incessantly. More thar any other Moon-Sign you are capable of seeing beyond the trivial, the cheap and the immediately attainable. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done.

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