The Moon in Taurus


Security is sought through stability, which sounds straightforward enough, and indeed with Moon in Taurus you are usually known for your practical and materially dependable nature. A minimum of change is seen as equalling a maximum of security.

This emotional stability is the reason for the Moon being Exalted in Taurus, but unless you are quite happy with a predictable, down-home sort of life, or have made the ultimate realization that the only totally consistent factor is change itself, then such a need for stability is not going to be so simply met.

Complications are then likely to become manifest in a number of ways: someone else upon whom you are dependent creating a change; changes in your body state – especially diseases of the throat and the reproductive system; feelings of boredom and inertia; deadlock situations as you try to fulfil needs of security in one camp and of pleasure in another; becoming a beast of burden through failing to appreciate the value of your own broad back; staying too long in an unfruitful relationship.

Behind all of this is an issue of self-worth. If you are not sure what you are or what you are worth, then a never-ending search for some form of external value (material security being mistaken for emotional security) is going to try your decidedly persistent nature in a rather unrewarding fashion. In other words, peace with yourself has to be found before you can really expect it to occur on the outside.

And even if it does, it comes at a very high price. As a child you possibly felt threatened by some kind of ominous disruption – or were actually a victim of it. Or perhaps your mother had such an anxiety which was transmitted to you and developed into a blind fear of change or a blind need for material security. Another cause of self-doubt could be that your mother had similar doubts about herself and therefore was not able to notice and affirm your worth.

So what is having Taurean Moon worth? Most essentially it is a feeling about you of physical substance and sensuousness that is very reassuring and attractive to others. Instinctively, you know how to identify and satisfy those needs.

The personal applications of this talent are obvious; the professional ones include any activities that cater for physical needs, such as food and drink, comfort, property, management and production generally – also areas of healthcare that connect directly with the physical body, like massage, osteopathy etc. Artistic senses are pronounced, too – especially singing or country crafts. You also have a way with animals that could serve a useful purpose.

As Nature’s child, you have deep, rich emotions as a result of being so close to the Earth. But there is no need to bury yourself in it through seeking too much material security. The gift of a Taurean Moon is that material supply will always be forthcoming – unless you doubt it.

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