The Moon in Virgo


Security is sought through analysing, which can lead either to a pure and well-ordered emotional lifestyle, whereby you consistently weed out influences that are detrimental to your well-being, or to one that is prudish ana fastidious, whereby you try to govern feelings as if they were things to be tidied away In either case you would need to cultivate some open-ended tolerance and acceptance of life’s imperfections.

Behind such exacting emotional requirements as you feel subject to, there lies your mother’s influence, which, on the positive side, was likely to have been clear and wholesome or, on the negative, may have been critical and narrow.

In either case this could have led to your being afraid of your dark side showing – dark side meaning anything that your mother or any other influential childhood figure found unacceptable. For example, your more Earthy or raw emotions possibly got branded as vulgar or crude, with the result that the healthy but sticky passions that keep relationships glued together became repressed, and devolved, instead, into a lurking urge.

Apart from weakening bonds in this fundamental way, there is the added strain of constantly trying to maintain a goody-two-shoes image. Because such emotional fastidiousness can leave you on the shelf, or at least left alone too often, it is advisable for you to trust life to unfold according to itself, rather than how you think it ought to. Sanity is not always sanitary, and what is wholesome obviously includes everything.

A feeling of security can also be attained through being of service in some way, in particular with regard to health. You can go to great lengths to help others, as if you thrive on it – and you do. This sense of service can also satisfy your need for Purity, in that you are able with great thoroughness, to clean up anything that is messy or polluted. Or else you can go around as if you have a bad smell under your nose – what could that be? Virgo is a Sign that can polarize; this strong need to be so orderly and clean can turn into the opposite: your being untidy or loose – either voluntarily or otherwise.

As a rule you have a liking for animals, especially small ones or pets. This is because they have a certain purity of being that humans seem to lack. But then observe how “natural” animals are with their Earthy habits. This is an example of one of those grey areas that you can fail to see, or avoid seeing, as you are predisposed to seeing life in black and white. But it is to tfiese grey, misty areas that your unconscious will always draw you, as it urges you to understand that there is as much purity in darkness as there is in light, and that you can trust the mysterious more than the logical. What you don’t know is always greater than what you do.

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