The Sun in Aquarius


Aquarius is the Water-bearer, and Water symbolizes emotion. This means that your goal is to experience and to express your feelings without getting “wet”, i.e emotionally biased, overly attached or upset.

In order to accomplish this you strive to be free of whoever or whatever has an emotionally cramping influence over you. However, in your effort to liberate yourself, you run the danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water, by pretending not to have feelings for anything other than the reasonably manageable. Furthermore, your convoluted mind is able to detach itself from the very fact that you have detached yourself in the first place! This is why the Sun is in its Detriment in Aquarius, for your Will can lose itself in the “sky” of your urge to be free.

This would not matter if it were not for the fact that more than any other Sign, you hold the key to what being a human being is. This has to do with the “Truth” that originally there was nothing to fear, like a clear sky.

But along with being born came the apparently unchosen situation of being emotionally involved with someone, like your father or your mother. As an Aquarian, you have chosen to free yourself (and others) from the family, class, racial and religious conditioning that holds the Truth in bondage. So you have to discover a way of loosening these bonds, which requires first having had a good look at them.

Aquarius is said to put everything in the shop window, and to keep nothing back in the shop. This means that in the attempt to present your ideal and most evolved but uninvolved self, you actually overlook much of your all too human goodness, a goodness that you keep out of sight, regarding it as too emotional or autocratic. This is one way, but not the right way. of “bearing Water”, or of containing and expressing emotion.

The positive, and most obvious, meaning of the Water-bearer symbol is that of refreshing the masses. With the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, this is one of the main tasks on humanity’s agenda for the next two thousand years. In order to accomplish this, the Aquarian qualities of teamwork and group effort have to be employed. So if you find that your life is a pointless struggle, it is probably because you are not enlisting yourself as part of a group, a flight of Souls aiming for the same goal.

It appears necessary for you to place more importance on the sky than on the Sun, to put the requirement of the masses above your own individual desires. Yet paradoxically, it is equally necessary for you to maintain a firm sense of individuality in order to uphold and express the Aquarian democratic ideal, and not just be an ego-less space.

Above all, you are seeking freedom for yourself and others through developing a greater sense of what life on this Planet is about.

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