The Sun in Cancer


Everything about the Sign of Cancer may be tracked down to the experience of birth: the instinct for survival; the attachment to the mother; the baby’s soft sensitivity to the world into which it is being bom, and the utter dependence upon the mercy of that world; the mother’s sensitivity to that dependency and the fear born of it; the innate enthusiasm to succeed gloriously in this world, or, sheer resentment at ever having being born into the harsh reality of this world at all.

Behind all these feelings lie the most fundamental urges of your curious and dreamy Sign -those to protect, nourish and nurture. As a child, you, like everyone else, needed to receive protection, nourishment and nurturing, but a denial or shortage of them would be more damaging to Cancer in later life than to any other Sign.

This is because you would continue, vainly, to look for a mother in your adult life, or would overdo being a mother – smothering -by way of compensation. In either case an unhealthy fear of revealing your inner self to the outside world is produced, along with a need to blame others.

Esoterically, it is written that all Souls are first born on to Planet Earth in the Sign of Cancer, simply because they know intuitively that the Cancerian Will is the one most likely to find a way of being looked after in their new home.

Cancer has been called the “Lighthouse of Welcome”, which is something the individual Cancerian would do well to become. When you seek to protect rather than just seek protection, your essential qualities of neediness, sympathy and emotional receptivity then become a recognition of where nourishment and care are needed, along with the motivation and method required to give and sustain them, rather than an aching dependency in itself.

What were clinging claws, that would clam up at the slightest sign of emotional intrusion, then become a pair of open arms that holds firmly and cradles gently. The acute awareness of another’s feelings, which can be used negatively to exert emotional blackmail, becomes a ray of healing. Vulnerable side-stepping becomes sensitive approach.

Being such a maternal, home-making Sign, you probably find this easier to express if you are female. Male Cancerians can have a problem with laying themselves open emotionally and can seek to protect themselves under a hard macho shell, Ironically, though, it is the soft sensitive meat within that is so attractive in both men and women.

But, most importantly and whatever your sex, you need to avoid being an apology for yourself as a result of feeling neglected or neglectful. The ultimate discovery for the Cancerian is that one is cared for all along by the greatest mother of them all – Mother Nature.

As a Cancerian you need roots, and so you must go digging for your Sign’s essential truth, which is that your Family is the Human Race itself. Mother Nature looks after her own.

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