The Sun in Capricorn


Capricorn is concerned with making a success of life. This could be said of any Sign, but you aim to do this by getting the hang of how things actually ‘work’ down here on Planet Earth. You are, therefore, a decidedly down-to-earth person who won’t cling to abstract concepts and lofty ideals in order to justify being here.

What satisfies this urge in you is a sense of purpose and of responsibility. You feel a part of this world when you can feel its weight upon your shoulders and its ground beneath your feet.

Traditionally, you are interested in external, socially established values of life rather than inner ones. To be honest, you assess anything or anyone in terms of how useful they are. As your Sign’s symbol, the Mountain Goat, implies, you make your way to the summit of material success by taking one sure-footed step after another.

You fix your attention on a vantage point and secure it. Sometimes a foothold can be someone else’s head! And as you build your pile, you want solid value and solid values. With regard to what you consume, you like the right brand-names and to have a sense of belonging to the upper echelons of society – at least in terms of how your particular section of society currently sees itself.

However, you are far more complex than this, and have more subtlety than to be concerned solely with the outside world and what can be got out of it, an attitude that runs the danger of acquiring a blind spot.

This can be seen by looking at the original symbol of Capricorn, the Sea-goat. This creature is half-goat and half-fish. The upper, or goat, half represents what has been described above – the earthy and persistent climber.

But when the climber stumbles or falls, or just begins to realize that there is more to life than can be physically sensed, you begin to acquaint yourself with that other world of the fish – the mystical, irrational, unconscious inner realm. And when Capricorn gets spiritual, it does so with the same pragmatic efficiency with which it dealt with the material world. In fact, at an evolved level, you do not see any difference.

And so you come to realize how truly useful an awareness of the reality of invisible forces (such as thoughts, feelings and, most importantly, the imagination) is, and that roots and foundations – upon which everything is actually buitt – are usually out of sight.

The Capricorn who does not tune into his/her fish-half and the watery realm in which it dwells, can slip up on it and smell decidedly fishy, like Richard Nixon, who was undone by something called Watergate! But when and if you are practically attuned to the underlying mystical realities of life on Earth, rather than just being superstitious, then you are truly able to reach the pinnacle of Earthly success, the highest point, from which the next step up is Heaven, a little bit of which you can then bring down to Earth, with which to guide and govern.

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