The Sun in Gemini


Gemini may be likened to blossom and to the playful spring breezes that spread its petals hither and thither. Your touch is light but effective, broadcasting and collecting wit and knowledge over a wide area – although it can be shortlasting and superficial.

Gemini is famous for its dualistic or even contrary nature. This can be hugely fascinating because word and mind play is an endless source of amusement to you as synchronous events and paradoxical paradigms abound. On the other hand, it can only amount to a sort of psychological doodling which achieves nothing more than pushing air and nerve cells around. What your talent is really intended for is getting the message and putting it across

You are aiming to avoid the logic trap of “this” as opposed to “that”, and are potentially able to bridge the gap between two extremes, be they people, philosophies, beliefs, character traits or whatever.

This you do by zipping back and forth between them with such speed and alacrity that the differences become like the two sides of a spinning coin. Intuitively, you see no difference between any one thing and another – everything is equally interesting (a favourite word!). Because of this, Gemini is probably the least prejudiced of all the Signs – and one of the friendliest.

Mythologically, the Heavenly Twins Castor and Pollux each divided their time between living in Heaven and on Earth. This means that as a Geminian, you can mentally dwell in pure abstraction, and at the same time be able to turn your hand to the most mundane of tasks. You are nothing if not versatile.

Other important dualities of Gemini are those of the Magician/Mimic and the Rogue/Villain: the former uses the quickness of hand, eye and tongue to create wondrous effects and illusions; the latter merely employs nimble fingers and the gift of the gab to make a relatively small profit. You are also the Juggler, You can keep a tricky issue up in the air, postponing coming down to Earth almost indefinitely.

Just when it seems that you are going to crash, you sud denly appear on the other side of the street – still juggling. However, you are not infallible, even though you could talk your way out of a document shredder!

The last word is that as a Geminian you have a very lively imagination, and you are therefore one of the most artistically creative Signs. Conversely true to form though, you can lack the imagination to see that using the imagination draws you into a closer intimacy with life itself -and getting deeply involved is the Twins’ weakest suit. After all, they themselves got separated between Heaven and Earth.

Yet the answer to your eternal Geminian question still lies in the imagination, not the brain.

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