The Sun in Leo


As the Sun is Dignified in Leo, your main qualities are best expressed and understood in terms of the Sun. You want to shine and be the centre of attention. No matter how shy or how lacking in confidence you might feel inwardly, you will want to be noticed in some way.

For this reason, it is necessary for you to feel happy in the spotlight, which means that respect is vitally important, both for yourself and from others. In fact, respect from others is dependent upon self-respect, so for Leo honour really does have to be bright.

In effect, Leo shines in any event. How warm and bright, how noble and creative that light that radiates from you happens to be is the crucial point. You can bring warmth and illumination to situations where they are needed like no other Sign. And this radiant glow is often quite physically noticeable. In this way, you create a focal point and a generator for anything that is happening.

As you do so, you imply Leo’s well-known royal presence. Leo creates an Air of Certainty that makes possible so many things – as if by royal decree. And you need to be aware of your royal presence. The apparent confidence that streams forth from your Heart gives the lie to the fact that you are highly dependent upon being appreciated. A king or queen without subjects or with no audience is not much of a monarch, just as the Sun cannot function without the sky around it.

This great Leonine possession – your natural ability to generate light, warmth and centrality in the form of creative, healing or commanding expressions – needs to be controlled. The Sun is, after all, an enoimous nuclear reactor, and if it is not constantly checked, the Leonine ego can lead to a “meltdown” (wild destructive passions] or to “sunspots” (losing face or facial blemishes).

This means that you need to pay as much attention to your critics as to your admirers, if you are to avoid the danger of being blinded by your own light, and destroying the very thing you originally sought to vitalize and maintain, be it a relationship, your home, health, profession, or even your own children. Again, like the Sun, Leo cannot see the shadows that it casts.

Your brightness can also blind others to your vulnerability. And when Leo is wounded, it is like the Sun disappearing behind a cloud; the world is a colder and duller place for it. Such sensitivity could, of course, be seen merely as vanity, which is your most dangerous negative quality as others are unlikely to praise and appreciate what appears as immodesty, and so a vicious circle can begin. At a certain critical stage, Leo has to realize that its power and influence shine through it, and not from it.

Thus your undeniable brightness shows others their path to the glory of good, and so, ultimately, your own. Like Leo, the Sun as it is seen – as that shimmering disc called the photosphere – is not really the Sun itself, but just how it is seen by mortal eyes.

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