The Sun in Libra


As a Libra, your life is concerned with creating and maintaining a set of values that will guide you as you constantly endeavour to relate to one and all in a just and pleasant fashion. The Sun here, being in the Sign of its Fall, means that to a certain extent the expression of your individual Will is determined oy others. However, the irony is that to be truly balanced you have to offset such an obliging manner with an edge as hard as the fulcrum upon which an actual set of scales balances.

This means that when it comes to the common Libran problem of indecisiveness, making a hard and fast decision for its own sake – and keeping to it – is far better than no decision at all. Being unable to make up your mind can be more annoying and anti-social than most things!

And on the subject of the Scales themselves, Libra is the only Sign whose symbol is an inanimate object rather than an animal or a human being. You can, therefore, be inclined to live life as an immaculate concept rather than as a living, breathing, fallible creature.

You need to remember that it is all right to make mistakes. After all, it is only when you “tip” the scales (put a definite measure of weight on one side) that the point of balance is determined and the desired result reached.

But for you as a Libran, the balancing act goes on and on, as the proverbial pendulum of life swings back and forth. And it is your ongoing relationships that give you the measure of your success here. Again, you must establish yourself as having a definite value or personality in the first place, in the knowledge that through relating you will change and grow.

You can rely on your natural charm and your sense of harmony to attract relationships and to conduct them skilfully. But you should base these relationships on and maintain them according to your innate sense of balance – that is, your awareness of what is pleasing or fair both to yourself and to the other party.

And relationships mean interchanges with one person or between many, on a professional or on a private level – between your inner world and the outer world, or between one stage of life and another.

Like a bee, a Libran likes to taste many different flowers in order to arrive at the perfect “honey”, or way of relating and expressing him/herself. The danger is that this can become such a sweet lifestyle that you gloss over the nasty bits, or actually indulge in them, too.

And so, to avoid or to get off such a not-so-merry-go-round of increasingly meaningless social dalliance, remember that pleasures got from sex and money are the means through which you seek to find the joy of union, the true balance that lies beyond what is merely pleasant.

Libra is a “cardinal” Sign, which means that you are supposed to be an initiator of social activities and values – not merely a response to them. Libra is also the Sign of the Peacemaker, which points to the fact that rather than ignoring areas of conflict, disharmony or injustice, these are where your art is most needed and appreciated.

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