The Sun in Pisces


There are two fishes: the upstream one and the downstream one. As the upstream fish, you make an effort, you fight against the current, looking for inspiration in order that you may give it. As the downstream fish, you foster the notion that everything and everyone will wind up where they’re going to get to sooner or later, so what’s the point in trying.

The upstream fish has a point, the downstream fish doesn’t. However, the upstream fish can push so hard that it misses the point, which is that sensitivity and acceptance are essential to Pisces, whereas the downstream fish can go with the flow and wind up in the swim.

The addictive personality that you can be (Pisces get hooked!) is the escapist looking for a way out that in time may prove to be a way in. For example, ex-alcoholics founded Alcoholics Anonymous. Faith comes with acceptance, and vice versa.

Ideally, you are plotting a course while letting things take their course. Such a way of handling life can give many impressions of who you are, ranging from the genuine altruist to the subtle manipulator, from the mystic to the misfit.

This all stems from your sense that all is one and one is all. You can be anything – or virtually nothing. But the inescapable fact is that you are definitely here as a feeling being, and so you devise many a disguise to camouflage your immense sensitivity, which is your greatest possession.

And although your need to camouflage yourself is behind much of your incomprehensibility, it is also what enables you to present one thing as another, for example horror as beauty, or curse as blessing, and so you can enlighten or relieve those who look or listen, You might not be able to fathom yourself, but you are adept at understanding others and their failings. You have to contend with a greater emotional input than any other Sign, and to channel it or evade it.

You may also unconsciously protect such emotional sensitivity and universal awareness with fierce analysis and scientific rationalization. Although this is often highly necessary to offset the frequently indiscriminate “anything goes” attitude of Pisces, it can also be an evasiveness of the most subtle kind, for it appears to be the opposite.

You are innately aware and appreciative of all walks of life. You may periodically protest and complain about the ways of certain others, but you eventually flip back into your more usual mode of ongoing acceptance. This makes you identify and side with the underdog.

Fundamentally this is because you recognize that the Soul of anything or of anyone is synonymous with sensitivity, which is synonymous with suffering, which is something of which you are exquisitely aware. Joy and sorrow are one.

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