The Sun in Sagittarius


Sagittarius is probably the most positive Sign of the Zodiac, for the simple reason that you see life as an opportunity. So it never matters just how hard the road ahead might look, for it is still a road, and roads go places! Sagittarius rules and loves the highways – literal and symbolic.

Your sense of ‘going places’ also gives you a strong sense of history and culture, and of where things are bound. This sense of trend can keep you abreast or ahead of the times, or locked into some sub-culture that’s had its day. You can be embarked upon some genuinely spiritual quest, or merely be ‘trendy’. In any event, you are adept at furthering anything and anyone that you believe in, but be careful not to take over everything and everyone in the process, or others will ultimately find your enthusiasm tiresome rather than awesome.

‘Belief is a keyword for Sagittarius, and you are as believable as what you believe in …!? The dualistic nature of your Sign (the Centaur: animal and human) can make you appear hypocritical, as one moment you aspire to the Divine, with high-flown theories and philosophies, and the next, you get down with the beastly best of them in order to keep earthed.

You are thus seeking to marry the Spirit with the Flesh, and reveal the one in the other, which is what your adventurous nature is really about. You have the power to proliferate, so attaching too much importance to the material side of life can either cause the physical rapidly to go out of control, such as in your becoming grossly overweight, or mean that you are denied something money cannot buy.

In whatever sphere or at whatever level you are functioning, you have a marvellously intuitive grasp of how life works. You are the ‘manager” of the Zodiac. And, being half-horse, you cover a lot of ground and get to know the lie of the land.

You also require the freedom and possess the energy to do this. It is your libidinous drive that also creates your main trouble, for such galloping get-up-and-go can find you overstretched, overbearing and over-confident. Sagittarius has the peculiar problem of the superiority complex, and you will resort to equally peculiar tactics to give yourself a more ‘human” stature.

In other words, because you are so aware of how society as a whole is shaping up, you have a comparatively weak sense of how you feel personally. So you resort to rubbing others up the wrong way in the hope of getting some kind of personal reaction. You also do this in order to get to the underlying truth of a given situation. This can be very effective for it clears the air and opens up the way ahead.

Like an Archer-Charioteer with a team of four spirited horses, you have great power at your disposal. If you let the horses run wildly, you have a great ride followed by a great crash, as a result of which you are tom apart. With reins held lightly, in touch with your animal drive, and with a high target to aim at, for Sagittarius, anything is possible!

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