The Sun in Scorpio


Scorpio is the most powerful Sign of the Zodiac. This is because you can sense what is going on beneath the surface in most situations, but especially where intimate relating or business dealing is concerned. So with such an emotional awareness of what is motivating someone or something, you have a certain “inside knowledge” with which you are able to influence or to manipulate, to corrupt or to purge, to harm or to heal.

Once you have realized that you have this power, then two burning questions arise: How may such power be used, and is there anyone out to disempower you? This poses a moral dilemma, because if you use your inside knowledge to further low or mean intentions, you then fall into a downward spiral of defending yourself against something that you yourself started.

On the other hand, when you get on top of your main weakness, which is simply a fear of admitting to having a chink in your armour, then, by using your penetrating insight you are capable, like no other Sign, of bringing to the surface what is causing trouble, be it a heartache, a disease, a financial problem, or anything else. The former or negative type of Scorpion is called the “Serpent of Evil”; the latter or positive type is called the “Serpent of Wisdom” or the “Eagle”.

Your have an awareness of what sex is for and what it is about. Again this is connected with your ability to penetrate beneath the surface. You can really get under people’s skin, to the roots of feeling and desire. This can lead to a great intimacy with life itself – even brushing with death.

The extent to which you are conscious of this sexual awareness can make the difference between deliverance and disaster. In any case, though, you thrive in a crisis, you achieve more when the going gets rough. Just think of the difficulty a Scorpion would nave progressing across a smooth surface.

Your Scorpionic power can appear as a magnetic charm that can be totally disarming, or as downright cruelty, trampling others and striking unexpectedly. You can raise others from the depths – or hurl them down there! Behind this power is a kind of nuclear energy that can drive on through the night, literally or metaphorically. You also like to test such grit by indulging in the lowest levels of life experience, and then coming up not only intact but positively regenerated. Some don’t come back, though.

You can be relied upon to possess deep and genuine emotions, and will unerringly test out the emotions of others, while hiding behind a “smokescreen” that conceals your own depth. A probing and secretive person, you are emotionally frightening (or frightful) when invasion threatens. However, when you let go and allow someone or something in, a magical effect, an alchemical release occurs as your “sting” is transformed from a defensive or selfdestructive weapon into a healing lance.

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