The Sun in Taurus


No sign is closer to the Earth than Taurus the Bull. It is as if the whole purpose of your Taurean Life is to maintain the Stability of Earthly things. However, you can go wrong by interpreting this only to mean having a substantial amount of money and possessions, or being assured of a predictable future in a purely tangible world.

In fact, your main possession as a Taurean is your sense of Earthly harmony and wholesomeness. When you truly get in touch with this sense, you need worry no longer about blindly reassuring yourself with external possessions and securities, for you will then know and feel that this sense, this art, attracts these very things.

Another of your solid virtues is the ability to endure change, while at the same time conserving those habits and traditions that are so important to a healthy and wholesome physical life. You have to be careful not to let this talent become blunted merely into the ability to resist change – even when it is for the good. Your broad Taurean back can carry more than you sometimes believe.

Taurus is the great provider. This is not just in the material sense, but more essentially it is your calm and unruffled vibration, along with a well-vitalized body, that can work wonders on the physical and emotional state of others, be it through sensuous affection, massage, good living, artistic expression, or just your sheer physical presence that emanates that aura of stability, that feeling that the Earth and Heaven are in their respective and proper places.

However, the other side of your Earthy wisdom and natural docility is probably your most dangerous state, that of sluggishness, inertia and grossness – the Beast – born of a fear of change or of what you cannot handle.

When you fall into this state, it is only a matter of time before you attract someone or something that will make such immobility uncomfortable and compromising. It is then that a change has to be made, and something let go of. When you make such a change, you then discover how much more stable things become as a result!

Ultimately, as a Taurean, you have to discover your truest, deepest and highest values. This is symbolized by ascending terraces of sweeter and sweeter clover. When you know what is truly valuable, you are no longer chained to people and to things that have to do with lesser values.

The greatest indication of value is beauty, which cannot be owned, but only appreciated. And as a Taurean you certainly know how to appreciate beauty, not only in the sense of being aware of its value, but also through implanting and increasing its value in the hearts and minds of others.

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