The Sun in Virgo


Virgo has its roots in the Vestal Virgin principle which stresses the importance of maintaining 1he purity of the individual – or anything else -and ensuring that it remains unsullied by society’s polluting and corrupting ways.

As the Sign of the harvest, your task is to separate the wheat from the chaff, the useful from the useless, through such constant analysis you strive to reach a state of purity, of being a dear channel of expression.

There are two types of Virgo: the Purist and the Puritan. The Puritan attempts to avoid anything regarded as physically unwholesome, emotionally threatening or mentally indigestible. This is the picky squeaky-clean type, who is not really pure in the sense of being “you and only you’ The Purist, on the other hand, trusts his or her innate purity to not only withstand involve ment with potentially corrupting elements, but actually attempts to influence them with that purity.

It should be noted that as a Virgoan, you may have elements of both the Puritan and the Purist distributed through your personality. For example, the Purist could get involved on a mental and a physical level, but the Puritan could be uninvolved on an emotional level.

There are, of course, other permutations here, but this is probably the most common one, which can lead to being abandoned by your mate-or to not having one at all.And although you can appear to be self-sufficient, you in fact need mutual caring and sharing – albeit of a very particular kind!

As a Virgoan, you must have a “work” or be of some kind of service in order to make sense of life. You are constantly preparing for something, and unless you know or feel quite what that something is, you can become frustrated with an all-work-and-no-play-makes-for-a-duil-life type of situation.

The task of Virgo is a difficult one, and so you need to perfect some form of technique, through study and training. This will minimize wear and tear (especially of the nervous system and the intestines) and will also equip you for an efficient work role, without which you are unhappy.

Virgo is the Sign of health which, in addition to technique, means giving yourself the time and the space to assimilate things property through regular rest and retreat, and correct diet. More esoterically, Virgo’s concern is where and how the psyche meets the soma, the Soul interacts with the body. So your body is very much the barometer of your psychological condition. However, you should endeavour not to allow your physical state to rule your life, but rather to understand that your body will serve you well if you observe carefully and inwardly what it is telling you.

Discover precisely what you are devoted to, and you will then realize that you need not be so hard on yourself. Blessed be.

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