Transiting Sun conjunct natal Sun

Each year on your birthday the sun passes over the same place where it was when you were born.

Thus, expressed in astrological language, the transiting sun is conjunct your natal sun.

This means that the energies of the day (and to some extent the day before and the day after) can give your consciousness a particular boost. Certainly we all feel the focus of attention on ourselves if we receive birthday gifts or a party is given for us.

But even if you should find yourself alone on your birthday, with no one to give you attention, it is a natural time to look at yourself and take stock of where you have come from and where you are going.

Like all conjunctions, it is a new beginning, a time to turn over a new leaf, to let go of anything from the past that is no longer right for you, and to look to the future with a positive attitude.

How the sun “affects” you personally