Transiting Sun first square to natal Sun

Challenging transit

Approximately three months (91 days) after your birthday the sun will be making its first square (90° angle) to the zodiac position of your natal sun.
The energies are flowing at right angles to each other.
It is possible that these energies are working at cross purposes.
On the other hand, this contrast can put a particularly sharp focus on some area on which you are concentrating your consciousness and your will. This time marks, in one way or another, a conscious challenge, a testing of something you are trying to do or of some element in your personality.
Often, but not always, this testing is related to something,which began around the time of your last birthday.
Sometimes the challenge comes in the form of another person, and you will find yourself tempted to engage in ego confrontations because you feel that someone else’s energies are frustrating your own direction.
The best use of this energy is to make a sharp appraisal of the important areas in which you are directing your consciousness and will.

How the sun “affects” you personally