April 18 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aries – Element: fire

Aries born on April 18 are compassionate and sensitive, with a tremendous capacity for understanding human frailties. A champion of causes and ideals, you are not afraid to step up and fight for what you believe. A dedicated protector of your own interests, you’re even more interested in defending the less fortunate who cannot protect themselves. You refuse to recognize limitations or acknowledge the boundaries that keep people from fulfilling their destinies. In your nature, the artistic, spiritual, and material combine in such a way that you may be thought of as a person for all seasons.

The merger of the root number nine’s sympathy and intuition with the pioneering enthusiasm of your Aries Sun confers an uncanny ability to succeed. You have an extremely fertile imagination and a gift for combining creativity with commercial savvy. You know what people are looking for and zero in on shifting trends and patterns in the public’s taste. Creative, capable, and hard working, you could probably make your mark in any field. However, you may find your career niche in business, the arts, or the helping professions.

There is a sentimental side to your nature that makes it possible for you to have total faith in your romantic dreams. In love, you’re so idealistic and devoted that you may be tempted to sacrifice everything for your beloved.