April 21 Zodiac

Solar sign: Taurus – Element: earth

The enigmatic Taurus who celebrate birthdays on April 21 are as a lot a puzzle to themselves as they are to every person else. Nonetheless, your sharp mind and friendly nature make you an outstanding communicator. Your forte is your talent for distilling the highlights of a program or concept and then conveying them to other individuals. Your organic eloquence is enhanced by the capability to paint vivid word pictures that make it feasible for you to share your private experiences. Having said that, in case you let your self to be seduced by rumor and gossip, your facile tongue can convert your strength into a weakness.

Those Taurus born on April 21 are residence loving and security minded. Having said that, you are also possessed of an exuberant, adventurous spirit that tends to make you eager to be off someplace exploring new ground. Artistic and inventive around the one particular hand, yet serious and responsible around the other, your good organization sense aids you turn dreams into practical realities. An intriguing mix of patience and restlessness, you’ve a way of flipping back and forth involving serenity and nervous anxiety. At occasions you appear incredibly versatile, however, when emotion requires over, you are able to become remarkably stubborn and determined.

As a romantic partner, you happen to be sensual and thrilling. Despite the fact that you need the affection and security that loved ones life presents, you would also prefer to the freedom to pursue your own personal plans and interests.