August 14 Zodiac

Solar sign: Leo – Element: Fire

Leo celebrating birthdays on August 14 are open up hearted, friendly, and magnanimous, with obviously upbeat, sunny inclinations. Impressed to spread the truth overseas, you possess a sincerity that may be the hallmark of one’s existence. Even very little white lies are abhorrent towards your honest, up-front character. On the other hand, there exists a touch of flamboyance as well as a definite flair for your dramatic in your brand of sincere rebelliousness. You truly desire to assist individuals, but you really do not intellect drawing somewhat notice to on your own even though performing it.

Those Leo natives born on August 14 can be prosperous in just about any occupation, providing they like their work. You possess a zest for all times that triggers you to definitely completely immerse you in every little thing you need to do. Your optimism, sociability, and enthusiasm cause you to well-liked with your quite a few pals and associates. You will be keen on progress and new ways of carrying out factors, and your means to imagine in advance of your curve offers you with astounding perception into long run tendencies and prospects. Your knack for dealing with the unanticipated gives you the confidence to test issues that are unconventional and remarkable.

You are loving, affectionate, and likely to jump in and out of intimate associations. Though you rarely confess to becoming fickle, you can find a fear of intimacy as part of your primary make-up. If you calm down, you’re probable to choose somebody who shares lots of your pursuits and may be a friend as well as a lover.