August 18 Zodiac

Solar sign: Leo – Element: Fire

The fiery Leo celebrating a birthday on August 18 contains a large capability for non secular advancement and product accomplishment. A all-natural leader and independent thinker, you dislike taking orders from other people, yet you seldom think 2 times about telling absolutely everyone else what to do. Even so, you fully grasp the human ailment, and in your perform with men and women you are a selfless crusader for justice. Moreover, you refuse to tolerate inequity or discrimination of any kind. A born fighter, you’re not scared of something or anybody. You possess a hair-trigger mood that conveniently explodes once you come upon oppression or exploitation.

August 18th Leo natives certainly are a advanced combine of self-confidence and uncertainty, motion and inaction. Your leonine mother nature craves excitement, drama, as well as chance to glow, when the internal you yearns for your serenity of a tranquil existence. You happen to be imaginative and intuitive, with the artistic temperament that makes you far more sensitive plus more simply distressed than other customers of one’s Solar indication. The mix of creativity and idealism inclines you towards vocation fields concerned with performing, new music, dance, crafting, art and design and style, politics, social perform, and religion.

In really like as in life, you are impulsive and likely to overlook to feel prior to talking. If you allow for your heart to rule you head, you’ll be able to get so carried absent by passionate beliefs that your prospective for the content union turns into lost in maze of aimless dreaming.