August 19 Zodiac

Solar sign: Leo – Element: Fire

The dynamic Leo native celebrating your birthday August 19 was born to shine and life for being found. You have a courageous spirit that thrives on drama and excitement and is particularly willing to check out anything, at the very least after. Your interior lion’s drive for acceptance is much less powerful than your should do things your own private way. A lot of your more outrageous steps are deliberately made to shock people today and shake them out of their complacency. You do have a expertise for knocking the wind out of the sails of self-righteous hypocrites that may make any Aquarian envious.

Leo natives born on August 19 are enthusiastic, optimistic, and industrious. Your own magnetism, warmth, and vitality tend to draw in people today and draw them to you. Confident and self-motivated, you prefer getting in charge, and you simply gravitate toward a central part in the majority of situations. You toss on your own into each and every project with dynamic intensity and by no means shirk your obligations. You could potentially be considered a winner athlete, star entertainer, noted politician, best business enterprise government, well-known artist, or best-selling creator. Whichever you choose to complete, you are going to search for a posture of prominence exactly where you could jump out within the crowd.

Yours can be a glowing presence by using a great zest for life and love. In an intimate partnership, you’re loyal, passionate, and generous. Having said that, it may require lots of moi stroking and recurring assurances of love and affection to help keep you certainly pleased.