August 22 Zodiac

Solar sign: Leo – Element: Fire

The person born on August, the Leo/Virgo cusp, is surely an unconventional mixture of introvert and extrovert. Using the intuitive knowledge from the fiery lion as well as the virgin’s analytical mentality, you are able to begin to see the huge photo along with the tiny details of any predicament. You could be sensitive and relatively shy on the within, but on the exterior you’re the star in the present. Leo’s inventive temperament, feeling of favor, and flair to the remarkable, combined with realistic Virgo’s problem for the welfare of other folks, provide you with the wherewithal for success in almost any occupation discipline you find appealing.

Leo natives celebrating birthdays on August 22 are typically gregarious, fun-loving, social beings striving to stay existence into the fullest. Nonetheless you are able to occur off as picky or extremely significant to individuals who are considerably less precise and discriminating than you. Despite your inherent optimism, you’re inclined to exaggerate own troubles and setbacks. Mainly because of your tendency to rely just as much on feelings as on logic, your coronary heart can inform you one thing as well as your head one more. Eventually, even so, you always comply with the dictates of your feelings.

In matters of passion, you’re heat and caring, but your idealism and desire for perfection can undermine your intimate interactions. You demand a considerable amount of pampering and ego boosting, and after you get them, you generate a loving, faithful, and extremely devoted associate.