February 1 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Aquarius born on February 1 are forthright nonconformists who speak their minds boldly and convincingly. Motivated by this distinctive mentality and progressive agenda, you state your beliefs unequivocally and with no subtlety or subterfuge whenever you’re fired up by a lead to. Though you occasionally seem to be completely wrapped up in your own concepts, your enthusiastic, pioneering spirit fuels your humanitarian ideals and projects them outward to the planet at massive.

Intuitive, innovative, and forward seeking, you’ve got a knack for zeroing in on possibilities that others miss. Your talent for analyzing circumstances and sizing up folks gives you a decided advantage inside your dealings with others. Having said that, you are basically self-directed, dislike supervision, and usually do your finest perform on your own. Considering the fact that you’re not considerably of team player, some view you as distant or arrogant. You don’t mean to offend any person; it’s just that you simply hate hypocrisy and refuse to suffer fools gladly. In the event the price tag of honesty and candor is a person else’s approval, you are fairly prepared to pay it.

Regardless of your self-sufficiency, you’re extra passionate than most Aquarius. Relationships matter to you, but you do not trade your freedom lightly. In an intimate union, you need friendship and companionship as substantially as love. Inside a long-term connection, you may need a companion who will not attempt to inform you what you are able to and can not do.