February 10 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The Aquarius born on February 10 is often a dynamic bundle of higher power. Plugged in and ready to go, you zip through your day, and anybody who gets within the way risks being run over. You do not imply to become insensitive; it is just which you are single-minded within your pursuit of any purpose or best that fires your imagination. The erratic mental processes of Aquarius combined with all the number one particular give you a thoughts that bounces from idea to idea and thought to believed with out following any system of logical progression. This nonlinear process of considering usually produces innovative, inventive concepts which might be years ahead of their time.

Absolutely nothing is hidden within your personality-what people see is what they get. Words like secret and clandestine simply have no location inside your vocabulary. Despite the fact that you may not see oneself as a classic do-gooder, you are a freedom-loving idealist and a fervent crusader for the rights of others. You happen to be inherently loyal and naively trusting unless offered a fantastic cause to become otherwise. You hardly ever hold a grudge, but once somebody betrays your trust, you’re rather capable of cutting that particular person out of one’s life forever.

That you are more ardent and romantic than the common Aquarian, and close relationships are extremely essential to you. Regardless of your freewheeling nature, you are deeply concerned about the welfare of one’s loved ones.