February 11 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The crucial makeup of those born on February 11 is a fascinating mixture of strength and ambition around the one particular hand and gentleness and imagination around the other. Your magnetic intensity and commanding character hardly ever fail to attract consideration and admiration. You fully grasp and appreciate the strong forces that drive you, even when other individuals don’t. While your avant-garde and occasionally outlandish suggestions may startle some within the mainstream, they will also bring you fame and fortune. Though you’re quite a bit far more thinking about prestige than money, achievement includes a way of attracting both.

You’re hugely competitive in a really un-Aquarian manner. Your single-mindedness and wish to produce it towards the top of your profession make it easier to overcome disappointments and setbacks. Your forte lies inside your capability to balance the unique areas of one’s life without losing your focus or emotional center. You’re socially aware, sincerely keen on other folks, and fair and equitable with every person you meet. Wherever you go, folks respond for your friendly, gracious, colorful ways.

You get pleasure from the great things in life and desire to share them with these you love. You also have a tendency to be a lot more romantic and partnership oriented than other water bearers. You have got several close friends and acquaintances, and also you treat them all with all the exact same open-hearted warmth and affection that other Aquarians reserve for their nearest and dearest.