February 13 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Aquarius born on February 13 are among the genuine go-getters of your universe. You understand what you should accomplish and refuse to be diverted out of your ambitions by extraneous elements. You’re self-motivated and not very easily swayed by what other people think of your efforts. You know which you have the requisite enterprise and stability to succeed in practically any venture. A organic workhorse, you are ready to complete whatever it takes-come in early, remain late, operate on weekends-to accomplish your goals.

In you, the visionary ideals and revolutionary concepts usually associated with Aquarius are energized by the number thirteen’s ambitious nature. You feel factors via and meticulously prepare a course of action ahead of implementing your plans. Like an architect or builder, you understand that you simply will have to set up a great foundation for everything to function properly. You may be anxious on the inside, but you project a calm exterior, as well as your shrewd assessments of men and women and circumstances inspire self-confidence. You’re proud of your accomplishments and expect recognition in return for all your challenging perform. If it is not forthcoming, you really feel slighted. However, you would rather endure in silence than admit to hurt feelings.

Your tendency is to operate too much and play also little. But once you do take a break, you usually party heartily. You are somebody who enjoys the single life style, yet once you settle around the correct individual, you make a loyal and devoted partner.