February 14 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Aquarius born on February 14 are apt to go their very own way devoid of a providing significantly believed to possible consequences. It’s no wonder that for you, your ideas are your ideas, and you’ll stand up for them regardless of what other individuals may believe. A loyal champion in the underdog, you will fight the very good fight even when your cause appears hopeless.

Words are your medium, as well as your manner of employing them can look bold and reckless to additional timid souls. Even though you’re particularly generous and compassionate, the emotional detachment of an Aquarius tends to make your humanitarianism seem extra universal than individual.

People born on Saint Valentine’s Day are loyal and loving, but not particularly romantic. Sincere friendship and companionship rate quite a bit higher inside your estimation than syrupy, sentimental pronouncements. You will need a companion who either shares your intellectual interests and crusading ideals or grants you the freedom to pursue them devoid of interference.