February 15 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Ingenuity and enthusiasm are important traits on the individual whose birthday falls on February 15. You’re an revolutionary thinker using a speedy mind and original concepts which might be regularly miles ahead of your rest of the crowd. Additionally, as a charismatic communicator, you have a talent for winning other people more than to your point of view. Challenges and setbacks don’t faze you, since you understand so quick that overcoming troubles has develop into your specialty. In spite of your inevitable disappointment when plans go awry, you constantly handle to hang on to your optimistic, optimistic outlook.

You function finest inside the business of these who fully grasp and appreciate your broad vision. Consequently, you happen to be attracted by large-scale enterprises and bold tips.
You comprehend what’s expected to turn your visions into realities. Some of your dreams may seem “far out” to more conservative types, but you’ve got the wherewithal to back them up with practical plans. You’re the original Superior Samaritan who refuses to give up on any one. You have got willingly helped numerous a grateful pal or associate avert disaster.

Your basic nature is warmer and more affectionate than numerous of the Sun sign counterparts. You’re well known and outgoing and have quite a few close friends and acquaintances. Dwelling and family imply a fantastic deal to you. Your loved ones offer a quiet haven and anchor of safety inside your freewheeling, go-go way of life.