February 16 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Aquarius born on February 16 can be a paradox wrapped in an enigma. Initially glance, you come off as a courageous, high-spirited extrovert. However, a second look may reveal the truth seeker within who is fascinated by all points mysterious and mystical. Despite your outgoing exuberance, you are inclined to take the activity at hand quite a bit much more seriously than men and women assume. Physically you happen to be quickly on your feet, and mentally you are even quicker around the uptake. You are not afraid of duty or alterations in path. When chance comes knocking, you have a tendency to respond with interest and enthusiasm.

You’ve a gift for sizing up situations immediately and efficiently. A mixture of wisdom and imagination offers the insight; then your intuition operates with your analytical mind to tie everything together. Artistic talent is pretty widespread amongst those born on February 16, and also you may be skilled in handicrafts, writing, music, or dance. What ever you do, you need to produce a difference. When the operate you are involved isn’t meaningful, you will not uncover it fulfilling. You are pretty capable of leaving a job rather abruptly and going off in search of a thing superior.

You may come across an intimate relationship tricky to sustain. You breathe the rarefied air of a visionary and may feel misunderstood. You will need a partner who understands your moodiness and occasional wish for solitude.