February 17 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

Aquarius born on February 17 are charismatic, ambitious, clever, and prosperous. Your birthday indicates you are a leader with executive capabilities in addition to a extremely powerful presence. You continually push the envelope, and you are frequently challenging yourself to bigger and much better accomplishments. Like other individuals born on February 18, that you are challenging working, persistent, and adept at overcoming obstacles. Your necessary nature is obstinate and rebellious, and when you set your mind to a target, practically nothing at all can stop you from attaining it.

You appreciate both physical and mental competitors, as well as your responses on all levels are speedy as lightning. Although you may act the part of the innovative, eccentric Aquarian where your individual affairs are concerned, you are much less most likely to take risks in ventures involving other individuals. Your concern for the group or group can cause you to stick towards the attempted and correct till you’re definitely convinced that a proposed adjust is in everyone’s finest interest. Whenever you get both sides of your paradoxical nature functioning collectively, you are capable of inspiring men and women with your inherent wisdom and far seeing, humanitarian principles and ideals.

In relationships, you are sociable and love the organization of exciting people from diverse backgrounds. That you are attracted to strong-minded, talented men and women with a thing worthwhile to contribute to a conversation. You may hesitate, however, just before getting involved in a permanent union. Once you do make a commitment, you’ll be able to be quite demanding, yet also loyal and loving.