February 18 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The hugely individualistic Aquarius whose birthday falls on February 18 can’t aid standing out in a crowd. That is due to the fact your rather unusual life style stems from an oddball mixture of contradictory ideas. With interests that run in every path, any try to pigeonhole you becomes an exercising in futility. More than something, you are a reformer, albeit an unlikely one. Your planet view is really a conglomeration of humanitarian ideals, scientific principles, and metaphysical beliefs. Inherently charitable and capable of tremendous sacrifices for the general superior, you do every little thing inside your power to promote a lead to as soon as you are convinced of its value.

You will be sociable, valuable, sympathetic, and determined to create a distinction on the planet. Any time you reach out to men and women, they respond enthusiastically. You instinctively know what must be performed, as well as your talent for persuasive speech helps you convince other individuals to join your work. Although you want to be of service to the globe, you’re rather capable of serving your own interests as well. When personal achievement may not be the quantity a single item on your agenda, your efforts by yourself behalf are often nicely rewarded. Actually, several of these born on February 18 are stars in their own right, with brilliant careers in politics, entertainment, or enterprise.

With other people, you’re a lot more accessible emotionally than most other Aquarians. Caring, compassionate, and romantic, you pour your heart and soul into an intimate union. On the other hand, you are so idealistic that you’re conveniently disappointed if the connection fails to live up to your expectations.