February 2 Zodiac

Solar sign: Aquarius – Element: air

The humanistic men and women born on February 2 are amiable and more keen on pleasing others than are numerous of their Sun sign counterparts. The vibration on the quantity two adds a private note towards the universality on the compassionate Aquarian nature. Consequently, you’re often willing to consider the other person’s point of view, and you are much less stubborn than most Aquarius. You occasionally have difficulty saying no, and you can run yourself ragged undertaking factors for individuals. You are also much more emotional than a lot of water bearers and are able to feel factors together with your thoughts too as your heart.

Regardless of your cooperative nature and diplomatic strategy, you’re really much the independent Aquarian. That you are imaginative and have inspired suggestions, an expansive viewpoint, and also a excellent deal of curiosity about the most recent technical developments. A hugely created aesthetic sensibility enhances your appreciation of beauty, art, and music. Science and art have a way of blending collectively inside your psyche to generate ingenious innovations. Discordant situations along with a lack of harmony disturb you, as well as your talents and temperament commonly favor good results in creative endeavors.

In relationships, you’re exceptionally idealistic. A sucker for glamour and romance, you want an individual who is going to be all issues to you. You are capable of real devotion as long as the object of the affection does not disappoint you. Having said that, if the union turns sour, you may appear elsewhere.